Copies of Michael Salcman's new collection are available directly from the publisher, Orchises Press or from The Enemy of Good Is Better contains three poems nominated for a Pushcart Prize, one poem nominated for a Best of the Web Award and "Cutting Apples", first published by Alaska Quarterly Review and selected this year by Poetry Daily

[He] views and reviews the world in personally wrought terms combining sensitivity with distance...Leavened with underlying anger and melancholic generosity...Salcman’s is a poetry of confession, honesty applied to his self...This, he does with sensible identity and scientific distance...You finish reading Salcman thinking you are quite a bit like him.

— John Burstein, The Potomac, A Journal of Poetry and Politics, issue no.11

Salcman unites the world of the messy, material body with the boundless abstraction of language...Salcman’s medical background gives rise to some remarkable metaphors...The imagery astonishes...Salcman’s wedding of material object, emotion, and idea engages mind and heart alike.

— Sondra Guttman, Urbanite Magazine, April 2011


In 2012, four poems from The Enemy of Good Is Better and two others were set to music by noted Baltimore composer, Lorraine Whittlesey.

And don't forget that The Clock Made of Confetti, Michael Salcman's previous collection, is still available from Orchises Press (Washngton, D.C., 2007) and from It was nominated for The Poet's Prize in 2009 and was a Finalist for The Towson University Prize in Literature.